APPLICATION G-RAP has a two-staged application process.

1. Expression of Interest

G-RAP announces its call in the national media and via CSO networks. When interested, aspirants can download or request a standard Expression of Interest EOI form. Once filled out, these need to be returned in electronic format to Programme Management.

The EOI forms have been designed to elicit specific information from aspiring organisations. Programme Management reviews the completed EOI to ensure the organisation meets G-RAP eligibility criteria as set out in the section on Eligibility. Please note that only organisations who meet the eligibility criteria will be considered for short listing.

2. Application and supporting dossier

Short-listed organisations receive a G-RAP standard application form, to be returned with a Workplan and Budget for the upcoming year to Programme Management, together with a number of supporting documents.

Supporting documents include the following:

  • Certificate of Registration;
  • Audited Financial Statements (two prior years);
  • Multi-annual Programme Plan & Budget;
  • Organisational/institutional development plan and budget
  • Accounting Manual;
  • Programme/Project Reports;
  • HR Policy;
  • Structure;
  • List of Board Members



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